Complete Housekeeping by using Powershell

Although housekeeping refers to the management of a house and home affairs, we are treating the AD, and its daily operations, as our house. As we are dealing with repetitive tasks, we do want to automate as much as we can. Here is where Powershell will come handy… Complete Housekeeping by using Powershell.

Anyone who has ever administered a server, knows that there are quite few repetitive tasks. Well, AD is not an exception. All those tasks go from event review, to storage monitoring, up to reviewing account lockouts (just to name some).

As there many subjects to cover under this title, we will try to extend accordingly. Bear in mind that the automation tasks, as well as the code provided, are just a suggestion. Feel free to add and improve the ideas we are giving.

Powershell Code Snipets

New Random Password PowerShell function that generates a random password. You can provide the password length and complexity.

Semi-Privileged user provisioning Check the existence of a normal user, and if it does, creates a new Semi-Privileged user which is “linked” to the non-privileged one.

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