A series of computers and devices connected together is called a Network (either wired or wireless means). The connection have changed a lot since the first computers. Nowadays you have more speed and carrying capacity. The Internet itself is nothing more than a million computers in a common public network.

Also known as a network a defined area (such as those that typically exist in companies) which offers a range of specific services. These services are not necessarily for the end user, but for the proper functioning of such equipment, or to ensure the safety of the network itself


The network architecture, its correct implementation and daily maintenance are critical for the network to continue running. Eguíbar Information Technology S.L. has the ability to design, install, configure and maintain various types of networks and topologies, both structured and wireless networks, configuring devices, the protocols used, services needed and the processes and procedures for the correct operation.

LAN (Local Area Network)

A local area network has a certain number of communication devices, such as routers, switches and hubs, a number of wires that interconnect one or more devices, a communication protocols, a device that provides security and protects us from external or public networks and one or more computers offering a range of network services. All these devices are under our control, so we have to manage it to keep them operational.

Eguibar Information Technology S.L. have developed some LAN network design, implementation, communications, cabling, installation and configuration of various communication devices, such as routers and switches and implementation of various network services such as DNS, DHCP, IPSec, just to name a few.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Wide Area Network (WAN) are two or more distant  local networks which are connected by various communications services in between. As a plain user  these networks appear to be geographically together, although they may be miles away.

Generally these connecting links are services provided by different vendors, and maintenance is included in the cost of the service. But even if the supplier is responsible for maintaining the line, network architecture, configuration details, end to end network communication and service management are our responsibility. The Eguibar Information Technology S.L. engineers can help you with a correct design and management of remote networks.




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