Active Directory

The correct Architecture and Implementation of Microsoft Active Directory is mandatory in order to achieve an efficient management, secure environment and with consolidated cost. Nowadays a corporate directory is a core component of the IT implementation. All users rely on AD authorization and authentication for daily business. Assuring the health of this asset is essential.

Efficient AD Design
Efficient AD design goes from IP layer 3 up to business requirements.

Eguibar Information Technology S.L. has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing Active Directory into middle-sized companies and huge international corporations with over 200,000 users. Our solutions are efficient transpose between business requirements and the directory. Having the delegation model implemented into the Active Directory we can benefit from the greatest integration between business, systems and persons. And additionally having the Tier Model, we can be sure that one of the most valued assets is protected.

Because of our collaboration in so many designs, implementations and migrations, we can offer the highest quality for your transition to the new infrastructure.

Over 17 years of experience in Microsoft © Active Directory

  • Successfully migrated and consolidated environments from 300 users up to 25000 users in the same domain.
  •  Active Directory and directory aware applications (as Exchange) functional design
  • Architecture and projects of Windows Domains and Forests
  • Overall domain migration or domain/forest consolidation (NT4, W2k, W2k3, W2k8, Wk12, Novell, Notes, etc.) to Active Directory 2016
  • Management Mode
  • Tier Model
  • Delegation Model based on business requirements
    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model
    • Host Based Access Control (HBAC) model

Active Directory Networking Services

Analyze and adapt the existing network services to simplify the daily management of the IT department. Provide standard market solutions to integrate network services, increasing safety and lowering maintenance effort. Also design and implement accordingly the Active Directory logical network, regardless of size, geographical distribution or the complexity of the solution.

AD Group Policy

Analyze each of the areas identified in the business model and create a series of specific standards to be implemented for each unit mentioned.  Since each departmental molecule has a specific function for the operation within the company, individual requirements must also be flexible enough to allow it, but always aligned to the vision of the company.

Group Policy Hierarchy
Group Policy hierarchy explained within a domain.

Having a consolidated (we like to call it “monolithic”) group policy strategy, will simplify the overall management, rendering into an effective  and fast policy hierarchy.

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